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My Story with Creativity

Cherie painting at the Cezanne
Centennial, Aix-en-Provence

My story with Creativity began when I sold my last business. During this time of transitioning away from a business that filled my pockets but left my heart empty, I knew there had to be more in life. More of what I didn't know. For most of my life I believed my peace and acceptance of myself would be just on the other side of my latest accomplishment. Another degree, a better job, bigger responsibilities whatever the tap dance of life was suggesting for me to do. I did it, but the peace and acceptance didn't follow.

When the business was done and my closets were cleaned I decided to take a formal art class. From everything I read, the suggestion was to go back to what I enjoyed as a child. What I enjoyed as a child was construction projects with my Dad and creating everything from Halloween experiences for Trick or Treaters to building forts in the woods. Collecting art supplies was also something I enjoyed very much. I didn't do anything with them but I loved wandering and exploring art stores.

So in my mind I felt a formal art class would teach me what I needed to know to better enjoy the things I was attracted to. As with most of my formal art class experiences I would drop out after the 3rd or 4th class feeling more confused and dissatisfied with myself than ever before. I loved being in the presence of delicious supplies and in a studio with people creating but my products were not bringing me to life. The experience of comparing my work to the work of others re-enforced every negative thought I held about myself, amplified. What a state of confusion!

Months and months go by and I find Michele Cassou’s Point Zero, Creativity without Limits, Process Painting. What intrigued me about this class was there were no critiques and comments in the studio. This was a fascinating idea because the critiques of my pink fruit on the flying table from the last class was a less than an enriching experience for me.

I called to inquire about the class and to find out if I could take a private class. Why a private class? I wanted a private class because I felt if I was going to fail at another art class I was going to do so privately, not in front of an entire group of people.

I go to this private class. I am told there are no mistakes and that I can't get it wrong. What kind of craziness is this, I thought.

After that class I was hooked on this magic called Creativity. This launched my endless curiosity into the Creative Process. The Creative Process has been a loving and benevolent teacher for me. It has supported me as I faced what I believed was true about myself and what I believed was true about life.

As the layers of myths melted away from my mental gyrations a peace and acceptance of who I was began to be realized. What I thought I had to work hard for was realized in the loving presence called Creativity.

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