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Q: What's True You Creativity Studio all about?
A: The mission of True You Creativity Studio is to offer a critique-free sanctuary for creative expression.
Q: So it's a "Creative Expression" Studio-not an "Art" Studio?
A: Yes. True You Creativity Studio nurtures creative expression in every available form: painting, writing, collage, assemblage, voice, sound, meditation and movement. It's open to individuals and collaborations with many intuitive facilitators.
Q: How can you teach someone "Process Creativity"?
A: "Process Creativity" is creating with no goal in mind. It is the Un-Art class. When you do process classes or workshops you are experiencing the energy of Creativity instead of making a product. All stressors of accomplishing, or being judged and critiqued are non-existent in a process studio environment.
Q: Is "Process Creativity" a form of therapy?
A: No, Process Creativity is not a form of therapy but it can be very therapeutic. When you allow yourself to relax your beliefs around good/bad, right/wrong, techniques and critiques, you loosen your mental grip on your judgments. It is deeply healing and freeing to melt through blocks using Creativity.
Q: Who can benefit from these classes and workshops?
A: Everyone of all ages. Process work is done with children, with brain damaged individuals, in corporate settings, for individual growth, etc.
Q: What can I expect?
A: Expect to be surprised and amazed! You will be surprised by how it feels to relax and create in an atmosphere that supports your individual experience while reconnecting you to your intuition.
Q: Is previous art experience helpful or necessary?
A: No, previous art experience is not helpful or necessary. Everyone is a beginner.
Q: What if I have formal artist training?
A: Creating for process reconnects you with the joy of creating. Oftentimes techniques and skills keep us in a groove of creating for a product or a result. When we are creating for a product or result we are creating from our mental processes and not from our intuition. When we create from our intuitive source spontaneously, we refuel creatively rather than depleting our energy.
Q: Who teaches the classes and workshops?
A: True You Creativity Studio is owned by Cherie Ray. Cherie facilitates many workshops on her own as well as collaborating with other teachers.
Q: Where's the studio?
A: The studio is located in historic Houston Heights, ten minutes from downtown and fifteen minutes from the Galleria area.


Q: When should I arrive for class?
A: Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the studio and to relax a few minutes before class begins.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: All materials are provided unless otherwise instructed. The best supplies to bring are big doses of curiosity and permission.
Q: What type of paints do you use in "Process Painting"?
A: We use artist grade Tempura Paint.
Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear comfortable clothing. Tempura paints wash out of most fabrics, and aprons are provided; but wear clothing you can relax in, even with a few paint spots.
Q: Do you do private classes?
A: Yes, private classes can be scheduled in our Studio or at your location. Please call 832-545-8488 to schedule your class.
Q: Do you do corporate events?
A: Yes, we do corporate events in our Studio or at your location.
Please call 832-545-8488 to discuss our many offerings.
Q: Can I take a workshop more than once?
A: Yes, each workshop or class helps to deepen your experience.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: See the "creativity workshops" link for a complete list of classes and events currently offered. The cost of each class is listed with the class description.
Q: Are gift certificates available?
A: Yes, gift certificates are available for classes, workshops or for an amount of your choice which can be applied to any offering.
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