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Creativity + Acceptance = Freedom

Everybody needs the opportunity to express their Creativity. There is a part in each of us that longs to create, to be seen and to be acknowledged for who we are. How do you access your Creativity so you can satisfy that part of you? Somehow it’s not as simple as the Nike slogan, "Just do it!” If we could "just do it”, we would!

Have you noticed what happens when you’ve received an inspiration? There is so much initial excitement and enthusiasm as you gather the goodies you will need to Create your new idea. You can’t wait to get started. You bring your goodies home, set them on the table, open up the packages, and begin to dive in. A few minutes pass and the inspiration begins to slowly fade. So you take a break, make a phone call, grab a munchie, and plan on returning in just a few minutes, but you don’t. Each time you walk by your collection of supplies you are convinced you will get to it soon--yet "soon” doesn’t come.

Before you know it there is a tension, almost a magnetic field, between you and your project. You look at the pile and the pile looks back at you. Then there is a stand-off. Nothing gets done. This is where the games begin. The game of doubt and second guessing begins inside you. Why did I start another project I am not going to finish? Before too long your family and friends chime in, mirroring that same message to you. Now you are hearing it from the inside as well as the outside. The inspiration that once brought a smile to your face and filled you with a charge of excitement has faded. What began as a vision of possibilities is now a reminder of the negative dialogue you have with yourself all the time, especially whenever you don’t finish a project. The question is, "What stops our Creative process?”

Our judgments and our lack of accepting "what is” stop us. In my personal relationship with Creativity I have found Acceptance to be one of the major teachings I have had countless opportunities to entertain. Permission to create + acceptance of what you are creating = the recipe for Freedom.

Innate Creativity flows when you can accept what is right now. Accept how you are feeling in this moment, how things are showing up, how the materials are cooperating or not cooperating. Accept how your critical mind judges, how it attaches to recreating mental images, wants, desires, likes and dislikes. Acceptance of "what is” happening in any moment of Creativity has nothing to do with liking or disliking. Acceptance means continuing to create in the grips of the likes or dislikes.

Creating is a neutral act. Problems show up in the content of your thoughts about what you are creating. My mind is often times a manufacturing plant for thoughts that feed doubt and generate suffering for me. The suffering is in the thoughts, not in the creating. Acceptance is the practice of loosening the mental grip of your judgments about what is occurring. Creativity is one of the great, benevolent teachers in Life. It teaches you to accept "what is”—not only what is happening in your Creative Process, but also what is happening in your day to day life. When you can relax your conditioned judgments and personal beliefs around what is really happening in any moment, you find true Freedom. I am FOR anything that reduces suffering and enhances freedom. Take the Risk. CREATE...accept...and realize your Freedom!!!

5 Steps to Creating with Ease!

1. Start small. When an inspiration shows up, reduce the size of the project. Bringing it way down to a very small project gives you a taste of what you are attempting as well as building momentum.

2. When a project comes to a halt or the thrill is gone ask yourself, "What is the easiest and simplest thing I can do right now?” Make your next step the easiest one you can find. And then another simple step, then another. Before too long you will be re-engaged with the project.

3. Send your Perfectionist on vacation. If you lean toward perfectionism the judgment of "getting it right” will nuke the fun out of any project. Take a tip from Sark, "Do more things badly!” When you allow yourself to do more things badly you relax, and this moment of relaxing allows you to continue. You have nothing to loose!

4. Release your judgments about how your project looks. You will be surprised at how life turns out when you continue past your judgments of good or bad. Stay with the discomfort of the project because in this space of discomfort something new will arrive, if you let it. Are you are enjoying the creative process of what you are doing? Your enjoyment is always more important than how something looks.

5. Practice acceptance. Accept the notion that the life-cycle of a project may end long before completion. Maybe the project was never meant to be completed. Maybe the purpose of the project was in the allowing—including allowing yourself to purchase the goodies or allowing yourself to not complete the project.

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