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Questions... Always Questions...

Questions! Creating for Process is always full of questions. Questions assist us by opening the door to parts of us that are longing to be set free. Here are some favorite questions in process creativity classes:

"What would you paint if you could take a risk, right now?"

"What would you paint if you didn't have to get it right?"

"What would you paint if you could be outrageous?"

When asked these questions pay close attention to the answer. The answer may come in a whisper or a nudge. The answer does not always make sense. Still, listen closely. This unfamiliar voice is the voice of your intuition speaking to you.

Intuition is the voice of your inner spirit-the spirit that holds your aliveness. Intuition speaks a language all its own. It may suggest things that seem crazy, that you can't control or that don't fit your picture or plan. Oftentimes intuition answers with an illogical response that challenges the collective opinions of people around you, your friends or the culture we live in. Remember, your intuition is your highest intelligence. It's navigating on your behalf.

"What is the most loving thing I can do for myself, at this moment?" --Unknown

Recently, some of us asked these questions to ourselves and the answers came to us in very surprising ways. A friend's intuition suggested she not take an already planned, expensive trip. She didn't and she is very pleased with her decision. My intuition suggested I build an addition to my house for studio space. I did, and have been amazed at the results. Both of us received suggestions that didn't make logical sense but had an "aliveness" we could feel. That aliveness energized our hearts and spirits as we each took a trusting leap of faith! Our wish for you is to strengthen the voice of your intuition. Ask yourself one of these questions. Trust, listen for the answer, and give to yourself.

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