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The Faster You Rush

"The faster you rush, the farther you push yourself from what you are truly trying to reach."

-- Alan Cohen

As residents in an "urban village" we tend to rush (maybe we've been rushing for years!) and it is tempting to not question the pace at which we move. Whether it is our to-do list or our dream job that lies ahead, we traditionally believe that pushing faster and harder will bring us closer to our peace. Alan Cohen's observation above speaks to what we have learned through our experience with "process": that the opposite is true. Peace comes with pausing to breathe, checking in to see if we are tending to our deepest needs, taking a moment to appreciate ourselves and what is being offered to us, and letting go of pushing hard. In the midst of attending to the "process" we find that what we seek, or something unimaginably better, often comes easily. When we cultivate our connection to our truest selves we find that our daily experience is infinitely richer, our inner resources are more available and we feel connected to our individual flow. We recognize that it is in living the process fully that we find joy, authentic expression and true appreciation for the journey--with all of its gifts.

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