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The Sky Falling In

"I can be myself without the sky falling in."

"I am a runner and I feel the same 'runner's high' following painting as I do after I run!"
-- Alice C.

Do you have a yearning to Create? I do. It is this yearning that led me to Process Creativity. Through this practice many have experienced Creativity as "the energy that brought us home to ourselves." As we have continued to Create and listen, we consistently meet parts of ourselves that have been waiting and wanting to come forth and be seen.

Creativity can do the same for you. It can bring you to a place where you can relax and reconnect with all of your parts-the ones you like and those you don't. Process Creativity provides space and permission to take risks. Taking risks in Creativity allows you opportunities to test what you believe to be true about yourself. Risking in the hands of Creativity supports your choices, carries you to a place of wholeness and sets you down in a place of compassion and acceptance for all of your parts. Creativity's only agenda is to set you free--free to connect to the wholeness that is your birthright, the wholeness that was yours the day you were born.

Spring is coming. Get back into the cycle of creation. Give birth to your Creativity!

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