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Arrive at Clarity

Arrive at Clarity
• Are you living a life you’re excited about?
•Do you feel there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing?
•Have you been ‘doing’ all of your life and not receiving what you’re working toward?
•Do you fell nurtured?
•You’ve approached a situation from every angle but there’s been no change/shift?
•Do you base your decisions in Trust and Love or Fear and Doubt?


Cherie Ray is a spirit-based life coach who partners with individuals and groups to live from the vision of their heart.
In her private coaching sessions and workshops, she facilitates a safe, gentle, transformative process to raise consciousness in a way that improves the quality of life for her clients. This creates a deep connection for living a creative life filled with passion, authenticity, ease, and freedom.

Cherie has studied with many teachers world-wide. Most recently she has studied extensively with Lorraine Weiss and received her coaches certification from Alan Cohen Programs & Publications.

What people say:
"Cherie Ray is gifted, grounded, heart-centered coach dedicated to creative success. She can get you in touch with your aliveness and help you move in the direction of your dreams."
- Alan Cohen, Lecturer, Teacher, and Author

"Thank you for you, Cherie. Our time together was and still is very powerful for me." S.B.

"You really impacted my life in many ways. I think it is important to let people know. YOU helped me think about the way I think." A.C.

"I have had such an 'open-minded' week, full of ideas and positivity that I haven't had in so long! The work is mind blowing. Thank you so much." A.L.

"Thank you for helping me find my voice. Little did I know that this work would bring me so much joy, beauty and love into my life." G.S.

"This work is exactly the direction I need to live from my intuition. I love being a part of your safe, creative studio space." B.G.

Cherie being interviewed by Alan Cohen on Hay House Radio

Call Cherie today to receive a complimentary 30 minute session to discuss if True You Coaching is a fit for you.

Customized Programs:
Programs are specifically designed to meet your needs and can include individual coaching sessions, retreats, or multi-day intensives. To find out what program is right for you, contact us at 832.545.8488 or email

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